One of the fun things in traveling to other countries is seeing the things they sell.

For example, in New Zealand, they have a real problem with the possum population, so they recycle their fur to make sweaters and socks:


Yes, I bought a pair. Haven’t put them on yet out of fear that they will propel my feet out to the garbage bin and give me the irresistible urge to dig in it.

I have no explanation for this one though:


Captain Cook sailed by here and decided not to explore because he thought it was doubtful that his ship could get in and turn around safely. As you can see, the entrance is almost hidden as you go by.


Then as you get closer, an opening appears.



It gets more and more beautiful.



All in all, very lovely, but I have to say, not nearly as long and gorgeous as the Norwegian fjords. I’m so spoiled!

Remember me telling you that cruise lines are VERY motivated to offer discounts? Well I found a half-price deal on Silversea, which in the past was almost unheard-of for that line, at Vacations to Go.

You should really check them out and sign up for their email newsletter. I’ve been receiving their newsletter for years and can vouch that they do NOT spam you with crap and they offer a revolving selection of very good deals on cruises. About every two weeks they send out a new letter listing deals they have negotiated.

Silversea is a luxury cruise line and they offered a half-price deal through Vacations to Go for two days only, which I snapped up like a hungry Tassie Devil! Yummy!

Quick post on the cruise I just returned from: The Silver Whisper is wonderful and Sydney harbor is amazingly beautiful!

Here is my view from the cabin:


I’m off again on a cruise to New Zealand and Australia, so forgive me for not entrecard dropping or approving ads. Mr. Ferret is staying home, so maybe he can help out with that while I’m gone, but if not, I apologize for the lack of response.

The cruise also hits Tasmania, so I may be able to set my eyes on one of these:


rrrowrrrr! fffft!

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