Oh my, this is unfortunate.

I am very excited that Swan Hellenic is returning, but their revival cruise to the Norwegian fjords has been canceled due to engine problems. I can well imagine how terribly disappointing this is for the passengers. If they’re like me, they have been eagerly awaiting and anticipating their cruise for months and this must be such a let-down. My previous post about Swan Hellenic is here.

Swan is refunding the cost of the cruise and offering one third of the price paid to be used on a future vacation. I will update as further information becomes available.

"Swan Hellenic Revival Cruise Canceled" by was published on May 20th, 2008 and is listed in Cruises.

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  1. Mark wrote,

    If I had booked this Cruise I would be gutted that it was cancelled. For many people a Cruise is the trip of a lifetime.

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