I couldn’t be more happy about this news.

So many times the word “unique” is over-used, or we even see the abomination of “very unique”. Hey, either you’re unique or not; there are no degrees of uniqueness. Well, let me tell you, Swan Hellenic is unique.

They have the most exotic and unusual itineraries. Some of the ports I have visited on Swan are: Yalta and Odessa in the former U.S.S.R., Tripoli and Benghazi in Libya, and Olympia and the Mount Athos Peninsula in Greece.

You will find the most fascinating and wonderful passengers on board. Mostly British, mostly older, but all extremely interesting to talk to. On our first Swan cruise, my family and I surveyed the fellow passengers as we boarded and thought “Oh, what a boring bunch of old fogies! They’ll be slow and hold us back on the shore excursions.”. HA! We could barely keep up with them. We would be among the first off the ship and huff and puff to the top of some hill and there already were all the older Brits calmly collecting botanical specimens.

Swan Hellenic provides excellent lecturers to enrich your exploration. A typical cruise might include a university professor whose life work specializes in the areas you are visiting, a bishop to convey the historical religious significance of what you are seeing, a relevant museum director, and an expert archaeologist or linguist. They also accompany you on the excursions, which, incidentally, are always included in your cruise fare.

I think Swan made a mistake when they changed to a larger ship, the Minerva II. Back in 1983 I sailed on the Orpheus, then in 2002 the 350-passenger Minerva, which was larger, and in my judgment, as large as Swan should go to still retain the delightful atmosphere on board. Then we heard that they were moving to the even larger Minerva II. Soon afterward, Carnival bought the brand and closed Swan Hellenic down.

But now they are back, with the original Minerva! The new owner has promised to keep the true spirit of the line alive and I can’t wait to sail with Swan Hellenic again.

Visit their website for information on itineraries.

"Swan Hellenic Is Back!" by was published on March 12th, 2008 and is listed in Cruise Reviews.

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    […] I am very excited that Swan Hellenic is returning, but their revival cruise to the Norwegian fjords has been canceled due to engine problems. I can well imagine how terribly disappointing this is for the passengers. If they’re like me, they have been eagerly awaiting and anticipating their cruise for months and this must be such a let-down. My previous post about Swan Hellenic is here. […]

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